Monday, December 29, 2008

Next on the Agenda...

After Doug and Tricia's wedding - (we are all so excited)! We are going to tackle a little (!) remodeling project - the kitchen! Even though the kitchen in this house has been remodeled at some point, there is still a lot of wasted space and it is too crowded for our family. Stacy and I both like to cook and Shane has been known to make some yummy food himself - so we're just too crowded. It is also 'cut off' from the rest of the living area, so if you want to visit with the cook (who doesn't!), you have to be in the kitchen and it's squishy and not too comfortable.

So - here are the before pictures:

Wasted space and nowhere to put the trash can. This area by the back door is generally just a place to stack stuff that is 'going'. The bar is too small and too low. (It's outta here!)

This section is going to look pretty much the same, so we can save money by not moving the plumbing. (No "appliance garage" - it keeps getting wet!)

This whole section will be moved to the wall that currently has the back door in it. (There will be no 'decorative' glass fronted cabinets - you can tell I'm not really into 'arranging' the interior of my cupboards)

This opening is going to be moved to the left and the back door is going to be moved into the dining room at the top of the stairs (there is currently a coat rack there). This will cut down on some of the congestion in the kitchen.

This taped area shows where my new walk-in pantry will be, on the left - at an angle. My range will be to the right.

This wall will be pretty mostly gone! There will be a big open bar into the kitchen - and I am going to be able to use my bar stools that I have saved for 5 years from my old house!

We are getting all new, chocolate brown (stained) cabinets, quartz countertops - green, of course, a new convection oven that has a regular sized oven, plus a small one too. That is the plan so far - but I know that things will be changing as we go! I would LOVE to hear your ideas/wishes/loves/hates about your kitchen, to help me plan mine. Also, We are starting demo Jan. 12 - feel free to invite me to dinner!