Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ah! We'll be eating like Kings for days!
This is what we caught Grandpa doing with the grandbabies while waiting for that turkey to cook!

Jeff and Halie, checking out the ads for the big day on Friday.

Brooke, the boy and the babygirl.

A rare photo of Shane smiling and cute Becca.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a fabulous day, but by no means "perfect". For one thing, I have a temperamental oven and about 2 hours after I had put the turkey in, I realized that I wasn't smelling anything cooking. Sure enough, the oven had turned off and the turkey was as white and raw as ever! So, we started it back up (said a prayer) and just kept checking it. We were supposed to eat at 2 p.m., but it was getting close to 3 and everything else was ready and I needed to put the rolls in (one oven over here!), so we pulled the turkey out, even though it wasn't quite done and popped the rolls in. Stacy started checking out the bird and it was still a little pinky down deep. He also got the tongs and pulled the NECK out of the inside cavity, which was disgusting! (I swear, I thought I had gotten some sort of neck off that bird, there was a 'giblet' packet, some 'gravy packet' and some sort of frozen-y chunk of something I pulled off it - I thought that was the neck!) Well, he sliced off the breast meat (all white meat family at our house) and we put it in the microwave for several minutes to finish up the cooking process while we called everyone to the table for dinner (keeping them out of the kitchen where the slightly bloody carcass was), and had the prayer, etc. The meat turned out fine, (thank goodness for the microwave) and everything was delicious.
We were all digging in and Doug, who hasn't been here for the past 2 years was saying how good everything was and said "Let's go around the table and say what we're thankful for". Amanda pipes up, "I hate that damn game and I have to do it every Thanksgiving!"
It was really nice to have our entire family there and it made me very grateful. We have lots of fabulous leftovers - yummy!

P.S. Last year, I cooked the turkey UPSIDE-DOWN and couldn't figure out why it didn't look nice like the pictures of Thanksgiving turkeys - maybe I should just admit I'm not so good with turkeys!