Saturday, November 22, 2008

Straight Hair?

This is me with straight hair - you'll probably never see it again. My kids said I looked 10 years younger (What do they know?). This was on Halloween, before Amanda sprayed it for my witch get up. This is actually the second time in my 45 years that I've had my hair straightened. My sis-in-law, Jen, did it at our SIL retreat a few years back and she pulled my hair (can you tell I'm a total wimp!), so I was loath to let someone do it again, but Amanda talked me into it. When she was about to get started, she reminded me of all of the times I had pulled her hair while combing it when she was a child - not an auspicious beginning. However, she was actually quite gentle and she kept telling me that even though she was getting "close" to my ear, neck, face, etc., she wasn't going to burn me. I trusted her. Today, Stacy burned himself while BBQ-ing, and she was advising him on how to treat a burn, she said she gets them about 3 times a week, FROM STRAIGHTENING HER HAIR! So, as I said, you'll probably never see my hair straight again!