Monday, November 10, 2008

The Skinny...

My newspaper publishes a little skinny column called, what else - "The Skinny". It is usually about random observations about life and such. Well, here's mine:

Fat people love it when winter is coming, because the weather gets cold, especially here in Utah, compared to California, where I lived the first 40 years of my life. Skinny people just think about how cold they are going to be, since they don't have much fat to insulate them. Old people generally don't like the winter either, I think it's partly because they are usually pretty skinny too. I love the winter, it is nice and cold and if you are somewhere that the heat is on too high, you can just step outside and enjoy the brisk air, until you have cooled down sufficiently to head back inside. My kids, being rather skinny, are always complaining that my house is too cold in the winter. Stacy and I just smile and pass them a quilt (or tell them to 'get to work', so they won't be so cold). Their friends are skinny too, so we make sure to have lots of quilts on hand and plenty of hot chocolate too. We don't want to appear unwelcoming. Skinny people are so excited about summer time - they just love to be extra warm and not cold anymore. I am not a big fan of summer, it is nice for a little while, but then, I am just tired of being hot, hot, hot! For now I am just going to enjoy sleeping with my window open at night, so I can enjoy the cold cold air.