Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm Back...

I'm just back from the fabulous Aspen Grove Quilt Retreat! It was super duper great, as usual (this is my second year). I went up with my quilting buddies, Judie, Kathy and Louise. There were lots of other great, creative, fun gals up there too. We had a great time! We went up on Wednesday and it snowed all day up there, it was so beautiful!!! We all quilt/sew in a big room with huge windows so we can enjoy the view all day long (and late into the night too!). There were about 60 women up there sewing our little hearts out and chatting (and eating) up a storm. My kids would call it a "fancy sweatshop", since we sewed for 12 plus hours a day! We laughed until we cried (and ALMOST wet our large white panties) and just generally had a wonderful time! Seriously, when was the last time you heard the word "bosomy" in a sentence?? Or saw 60+ year old women hula hooping or running around with balloons tied to their ankles trying to stomp on the balloon of the little old lady next to you? I will post pics of what I got done this week, I just need to lay them out and photograph them!
P.S. My friend, Kathy, in the hula hoop picture, is not 60+ years old!