Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've quilted 4 more tops with two more in the cupboard to go!  Here is a little "Eye-Spy", nap time quilt for Grandma's house. Beckham already quite likes it. I tried to pick things that the kids would know.  A big thank you to Kathie for giving me all the novelty fabrics! I never would have had the patience to hunt them down and buy little pieces of them!  My friend did an exchange to get her fabrics, I thought that was a good idea too, if you don't have a Kathie.
Here is the first block done for my Snowmen A-ZZZ (A Crabtree Hill pattern, I believe). I am working on blocks B & C at the same time, so I should have two to show soon.  This should be completed for Christmas 2025 (maybe).

Meanwhile, I am counting down the days till I am done with working! I think I gave my notice too early, because I am super impatient and just want to be done! Mr. Handsome ordered up my new car, the one I'm driving is giant, which is quite handy sometimes but gets horrible gas mileage, and it's 10 years old, so it's getting a little raggedy and we're starting to have to put a little $$ into it, never fun.
I was going to get the red one (arrest-me red), but decided to go with the more sedate white one.  So excited, I've wanted a mini for 10 years! They finally came out with a 4 door, all-wheel drive so I can fit some grandbabies in it, pack up my sewing machine, table and projects for quilt retreats and drive in the snow.  Mr. Handsome says we'll call it "The Mini-Quilter"