Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Note to Self...

My Quilting Machine is up and running! I was looking at my unfinished projects and realized I had not quilted/finished this little baby for my newest granddaughter, who is nearly 3 months old!

     Got it finished up quickly! I am excited that I will finally have something for "Show and Tell" at quilt group this week!  My big 3 year project "Eye-Fooler" quilt is up next for quilting, I just have to pick up a back for it - 7 + yards - it's a big one!
     I am kind of excited that I have this funky little clothesline on my back patio from when my dryer was having some hiccups earlier this summer - (note - do not squish the vent thing behind the dryer!) Anyway, my quilt colors are MUCH better when photographed outside!! (duh). I don't have to look at my outdated carpet (bleck), I don't get weird shadows, etc. I am keeping this line up forever!
     My "Note to self" is to get my machine serviced more than once every six years! The timing was off, among other things, now it works great. I am excited to get through the stack of tops while enjoying my nice, cool, beautiful basement!