Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     So, after showing you all my fabulous new studio, I have a confession to make! My quilting machine is broken! I have to get Mr. Handsome to dismantle the machine off of the slide-y thing and take it into the shop.  So, even though my space is gorgeous, not much quilting has actually been done in it's spacious, beautiful-ness.
     My other confession is that I've quit my part time job! I am so excited about this, I can't even tell you! I am working until the end of summer, but that's it! I will now be free to go to quilt retreats without feeling guilty about leaving my boss in the lurch! I can fly mid-week to visit family (I fly standby, so that's a biggie!), I can go to my Grandma's 92 birthday party in the next state, since I won't have to take another few days off work right after a quilt retreat this fall, etc. I am amazed at all of you who work (full or part time) and still have some brains left in your head to blog and do other fun stuff! (Like quilt and raise children to name a couple!) 
     So, I am hoping to be quilting more, blogging more, doing more service in my neighborhood and just being a grandma more - something I enjoy immensely! 
     That's the big news of the day (you were expecting something else?)