Thursday, May 20, 2010

What to do...

Well, Mr. Handsome left for the week on Sunday night. I had a big, fat stack of books to read:I also had a couple of movies to watch, and I thought I might get pillow shams, throw pillows, and valances done to match this ginormous quilt:(Oh, yeah and maybe get the back for it pieced and maybe get it loaded on the machine.)
Well, I am half-way through ONE of the books. I did watch 2 movies (28 days and Ironman - both very enjoyable) and while I watched the movies (and a couple of "Oprah's" that I taped) - I got 2 shams done, the 2 valances started and I bought the pillow forms.
In all fairness to my cute self, I was busy this week, which is why I didn't head down to Vegas with my man. I am headed down today - big party this weekend, Lake Mead trip, more hiking in Zion, etc. There will be 10 of us staying in the little condo, so we'll see how it holds up! Toodles!