Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Studio News

Mr. Handsome made me this cool ruler holder/shelf. I have seen these at quilt shows, but didn't really need one for a long time. I only had a couple of rulers, however, they seem to have multiplied! I didn't make it up to the Home Machine Quilting show earlier this month, where I was planning on buying one for about $40 - so I didn't get one - BUT - I saw this shelf at Robert's (craft store), used a 40% off coupon and explained to my hubby how I wanted the grooves to hold my rulers. He said he could do it, sold! The only problem was when he went to do it last night, the router bit broke! We sped off to Lowe's and paid $15 for a new one. He even put a little stain on it for me - I love it! (I was a little disappointed that it wasn't quite the money-saving item it would have been if the bit hadn't broken.)

I finished this block today for the breast cancer fund-raiser:
(Please don't tell me I shouldn't have put the button on until AFTER quilting - it NEEDED a button - it was all pucker-y in the middle! Maybe not a D-cup, but definitely an A-cup!)