Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun, Busy Trip...

We had a really nice time down at Jeff & Deanna's for the fab all weekend-long birthday party. Deanna fed us really well, we played fun 60's trivia games and Jeff took lots of us out to the lake. It was SOOO nice to see our Jeff and spend some time with him. Our family all went to Zion on Friday (Me, Stacy, Ben, Brooke, perfect grandchildren, Doug, Tricia and Jeff). Stacy went to Walmart and got Natti this cute, sun hat, but there weren't any with ties or snaps, to keep her from pulling it off, so he cleverly bought a ribbon and sewed it on with my old sewing machine at the condo! I was very impressed with his brilliance. (He did only manage to get one side sewn as the machine came unthreaded - no problem I finished it up)

The kids loved the water at the top of the hike. Natti-bear was loving her backpack seat. It was a little warm, which always wears me out - I am a wimp in the heat (and most of the rest of the time too).

Here we are on the bus on the way down the canyon from the hike - you can only see some of me, a tiny bit of Ben and no Natti (Stacy took the pic) - but I liked how we are all just piled on the back of the bus - exhausted!Unfortunately, I got the boot:
Apparently I have some weird bone growth on my foot that was exacerbated by the hiking, etc. I have to go and see a specialist - the dr. seemed puzzled - never a good sign. This is also why I took no pictures after the hike, I was moping around. We missed our other kids, but got to see everyone for the big birthday party at OUR house on Sunday for all 4 of the May birthdays.