Friday, April 2, 2010

Mini Quilt...

I finally made this cute mini quilt that I've been meaning to make for awhile. It's called "Tiny Ticker Tape" and it's from "Crazy Mom Quilts" blog. It's raw edge and it gets quilted when you sew the patches on through all three layers.
My only issue with it, is that it's also called a 'stash buster'. For cryin' out loud, it's only about 16" square, so maybe if you're Barbie, it would bust your scrap stash, it didn't make even a tiny dent in mine! This is pretty much the 'before' AND 'after' of that 'stash-bustin' quilt.I will be donating it to the Utah Quilt Guild Mini Quilt Fundraiser in October. I used to wonder what people did with mini quilts, then at my friend, Jacque's house, I saw that she had several tacked up in her laundry room - way cute!
P.S. - Random thought - I was watching a (boring) basketball game with Mr. Handsome last night and noticed that nearly all of the sweaty/arm pit-hairy players were covered in tattoos, many of which looked like whole sentences! Since I can't even decide what pithy saying to put on the beam over my kitchen bar in vinyl lettering - I could NEVER think of what I would want tattooed on my body until the end of time - so I guess I won't be getting a tattoo any time soon. (I will also keep shaving my armpits).