Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looking for my fabric!!

I finished piecing the top for a fun quilt for a certain sister of mine, (who shall remain nameless, but who is becoming a grandmother this summer). Everything was going well, I am ready to piece the back, etc.
I like to make the binding before I quilt it, so everything is all ready to finish when I pop it off the machine. Well, suddenly I can't find the rest of my yellow-butterfly fabric to cut for the binding!!!! This is all I can find. I KNOW I had more than this left!!!

I could use some of the leftover blue, but I want the YELLOW! Where is it?? I had it in my hand, I got interrupted while straightening the sewing studio (don't you love how I call it that?) and now I cannot find it ANYWHERE! Frustrating - I have looked everywhere I can think of. I KNOW as soon as I cut the blue fabric for binding, I will find the yellow and the blue will be wasted!!! Argh!