Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from a relaxing vacation...

We spent 4 days down at our little condo in Hurricane and it was so fun and relaxing. And (drumroll, please) we got furniture!!! Most of it was given to us, or we hauled it down from our house - Master Bedroom (Thanks, Amanda & Mom) Guest Bedroom: (Thanks Denise and Mom)And, we bought couches and an ottoman! We got a killer deal down in St. George, so we are officially furnished! (Thanks, Brooke for refinishing our 1983 dresser!)The walls are looking pretty blank now, but we can get stuff as time goes on!

We went to Zion National Park on Friday and Saturday and it was great! We hiked the Emerald Pools the first day (I am out of shape) on Saturday, we went back and took the tandem, we biked all the way up the canyon (17 miles, round trip), it was so fun! It wasn't even that hard, although I noticed when we stopped that Mr. Good-looking was seriously mopping his brow, he was sweating so much, I was hardly sweating at all - I think, maybe he works a little harder than I do on the old tandem. (It was a seriously fab birthday present, it's the gift that keeps on giving!) We took a little hike at the end and ate our lunch in the sunshine - a beautiful day!Here is our sweet ride, all ready for the trip home last night:When we got home, we got to see all of our "close by" kids, it was so nice!

Love the condo, love being back home - and we came home to this:
Yippee! It's officially spring in my yard!