Friday, August 7, 2015

Trunk Show - Done

     I did my trunk show today, I talked fast and it went quickly. It was fun and I had lots of great friends there to support me.
      I took 25 quilts and since I talk so fast, I was done showing them in about 17 minutes! I finally finished and photographed these last couple of quilts:
 Emerald Pools:
 Halloween Block Exchange:
     I did decide what to do with "Asteria", I'm giving it to my momma, for her birthday this month, these are her colors! I hope the dog doesn't get it, but hey, it's up to her!  I will probably keep the Emerald Pools, since non-quilters do not love Batiks. The Halloween one will be a hot commodity in my family because it has lovely soft minky on the back (black, of course).
     I'm back from all of my trips for a couple of months, after a quick hop to San Diego next week. Then I plan on immersing myself in quiltiness!  And, I'm super excited that it's August, the gateway to the best season of all, Fall! I made chili tonight and turned up the A/C and it was yummy. Quilt Fest coming up next month, then quilt retreat, and it's just quilting season! Happy Quilting!