Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Balance, Will I Ever Find it?

     When I was younger and busily raising 5 children, running my Mr. Handsome's business, serving at my church and all of the other tasks associated with living, I would wonder if I would ever get my act together.
     Fast Forward about 25 years and I still struggle with this! Now it's not the laundry that is towering over me (thank goodness!), but it's all of the things I love and want to do! My children and grandchildren don't take the day to day caring (except in the summer when they all come over), but they have lots of birthdays and love care packages and phone calls and face time. These are some of the joyful tasks I get to do.
     I am again doing the paperwork/organization for Mr. Handsome's real estate business, since he sold his brokerage awhile back. Luckily, now I have some lovely cleaning ladies that help me out a couple of times a month - good trade for me, I'd rather organize than clean.
     Even though I don't have to clean, there is still shopping, cooking, straightening, laundry, etc.
     I am still trying to learn to play the piano, that's definitely a work in progress!
     I am quite active in my wonderful church and am currently working with the youth there as well as still serving in the Addiction Recovery Program (12 step), trying to be a good neighbor, taking some time to read my scriptures, ponder, etc.
     I look at my yard and want to play with my flowers (but it's awful hot!). There is always exercise, which I enjoy, but don't particularly like getting up early for, however it seems to be a must to get it done daily  regularly.
     Then there is QUILTING, which is what I want to do all most of the time! Each year I attend 3 four day/night retreats, plus a few 2-3 days daytime only retreats. I belong to two guilds, 2 bees, and have a "quilt night" at my house a couple of nights a month, and of course, I love to hang out in my basement studio and watch my "shows" - favorites include: "Hoarders", "Fons & Porter", "Bones" and random Netflix movies.

     So there you have it, my life in a nutshell - nothing to complain about - FULL of blessings to be grateful for, I will just keep seeking balance, just like everyone else, I imagine! Hope your life is balanced and full of quilting!