Monday, August 31, 2015

Need a Bigger House for my Hobbies!

     It's still pretty dang hot around here, but I am holding out hope for some coolness in the (hopefully) near future, as tomorrow is September!!!! (Yay, birthday month!)
     My friend gave me a hand quilting frame this week, I already have a regular old-fashioned one, but this is a fancy roll up, tilt-y one. I brought it home and it's bigger than I expected and I don't know if I can find anywhere to keep it! It looks really big in my little grandma house and I can't disassemble it a keep it under the guest room bed where my other hand quilting frame is.  I have it downstairs in the studio, but a couple of times a month I have friends and family over to quilt and it would be pretty squishy down there with that puppy in the way. If I hadn't taken up piano playing, it would fit where the piano now resides - shoot!
     I sometimes get after Mr. Handsome for leaving things lying around, but I have to remind myself that I pretty much have all of the closets/extra basement space, etc. all filled up with MY stuff.  I would hate to buy a bigger house just for stuff! One of my favorite shows is "Hoarders", but maybe because I am a closet hoarder myself (Bahahaha, I AM a "closet hoarder" - sometimes I just crack myself right up!).  I think it would be easier if I: a) didn't have any hobbies (but how boring) or b) didn't want to have people over so I could fill up my house with all of my hobbies and the equipment that comes with them. (again, how boring). I guess I will just have to work out some happy medium - there is that moderation thing again that I am soooooo not good at!

 This little guy is 3 months and his mother says his bib should say "I'm afraid of my big sister" (She just turned two)

These two little monkeys were playing quietly upstairs in their rooms, when their mom discovered that Izzy had cut Beckham's hair down to his scalp! He now has a nice buzz.

Here is my next project, for my cute niece having a little girl this fall. My colors will be different, I got this from Google Images and I actually think I can figure this out without a pattern! (I know, progress, right?)
 Their wedding is coming closer, it is also this fall and the nice thing is I think that all of my kids will come from all over America to witness it! (Family reunion!)

Hope your life is happy and quilt-y and not too hot (unless you like that sort of thing)