Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer is officially OVER (now would someone please tell the weatherman?)

School Starts around here this week and I'm DONE with non-quilt related trips for 2 months! I am signed up and paid for 3 upcoming quilt retreats (YAY!). Just waiting for my lovely quilting machine to arrive from overseas, hopefully in a month!  Here are a few pictures of who I got to see this summer:
Mr. Shane popped by (without his family a couple of times)
 This little munchkin got his quilt from Grandma:
 This darling girl turned 10 yesterday! Our oldest grandchild:
 We helped this sweet family get settled in Kansas:

 Lucky for us, this cutie still lives in Utah and is coming over for a sleepover this week!
 This one will not know us by October when we head to Florida!!!!
 This one loves her Grandma and the quilts Grandma makes for her:
I'm officially READY for Fall, but it's still terrible hot! I've noticed that as Menopause has its evil way with me, I keep setting the A/C lower and lower, last year, it was 74, this year started off at 73, but it's pretty steady at 72 now, I hope that is not going to cut into my quilting budget too much! 
Oh well, I'm off to the studio to get some quilting in!!!