Sunday, February 6, 2011

Next Project:

I got this baby all up and ready to hand quilt yesterday! I've been meaning to do it for a month, but I sorta dread getting it all put up (not to mention I always procrastinate making quilt backs- I don't know why - I mean how hard is it to sew two pieces of fabric together???) Anyway, Mr. Handsome helped me put it up, which is good, cuz he is good at measuring/squaring things up, etc. But - he is a little cranky about it - or maybe I am? Anyhoo - it's up and ready to quilt, I'm hoping to get it started during the Superbowl today, while I'm not eating homemade pizza and peanut butter M & M's - well I could probably quilt and eat M & Ms...
It's a throw size and it's headed for the condo when it's done, to hang in an attractive manner over the quilt rack that is sitting down there.