Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Good Day!

Yesterday, my wonderful, angelic daughter, Amanda came and cleaned my house for my Christmas present, it looks and smells fabulous! I have Book Group meeting at my house tonight, so this was a great thing, to get it cleaned. AND while she was busily beautifying the house, I was working too, cleaning & sorting in my sewing studio! I dusted, vacuumed, emptied trash, etc, plus I got the rest of my applique ready to apply to my quilt from the last post, made two bindings for the quilts that are ready to be quilted, made a signature block for the past Guild President, mended Mr. Handsome's pajamas, and made a back for the quilt I am having quilted this week! Since money is a little tight these days, I didn't want to spend a lot on the back, so I used all of my scraps and pieced the back! It took a whole movie (The Blind Side - excellent) to get it done, but now it's ready and it was sort of free! I love it when I feel like I got a lot done - thank you Amanda!
And, of course, here is the front, which I think I have shown before: