Monday, October 25, 2010


I just got back from a quick trip to Missouri to visit Brooke and Ben and the perfect grandchildren...
Here is the Bear:

The Boy:

And, Babygirl:

I got to babysit them while Brooke and Ben had a fun date (we had fun at home too), we went to the park, read stories, went toy shopping and just generally hung out and snuggled up! The night before I left, Babygirl was crying inconsolably and begged me to "just go home and get Grandpa and come back". I went to the airport and watched all of the little videos I took of the family and got a little teary at the airport. We need to go back and visit soon!

Quilting News - I am making a beautiful quilt with a new technique I learned at Quilt Fest - I will post pictures and details in a couple of days...