Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moving Along...

Okay, I finished my quilt top, it's going down to the condo, for the bottom bunk:
It's called: (Wait for it) "Windowpane" - I know -original.
We took Babygirl to meet her kindergarten teacher today:
She counted for her, told her the alphabet, her colors, shapes, etc. She also did a great job at addition and subtraction - very impressive - but we already knew she was very impressive. (We happen to know that she is perfect) Stacy and I sat in the tiny chairs and filled out school paperwork, but I was wishing for my reading glasses - which never happened when I sent my own kids to school - did they start printing the papers in smaller type? Her teacher's name is "Mrs. Smiley" - could you ever imagine a more perfect name for a kindergarten teacher?
Part way through her little visit, she pointed to her ruffly skirt and told her teacher if she sits on the ruffles too long, they'll get squished. (She won't wear it on long car rides, either). Only a week until Kindergarten starts, then a week after that, she'll be leaving and I'll be crying...