Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is my Brain turning to Mush?

Okay, don't answer that. I can tell that my blog posts are getting fewer and farther (further?) between. First I started working, then Babygirl came to live with us and while Grandpa does a great job with her, there is still the extra laundry, teeth brushing, 3-times-a-day clothes changing (see: extra laundry), hair washing and fixing (I failed miserably at hair fixing with my own daughters already), figuring out something for that girl to eat that doesn't consist of "My little pony" fruit snacks, book reading (not Grandpa's forte) and I could go on, as anyone who has been a mother can relate. My boys and their wives are super at entertaining her for me when I need to take care of my pre-five year old obligations, etc. which I hugely appreciate. She is an angel when I take her to work each afternoon and we are all enjoying her immensely, it's just I don't think I have any brain cells left...
I did manage to get a quilt top quilted today - my famous meandering pattern (he, he, he) and will hopefully get it bound in the next couple of days so I can show it off to you all.