Monday, August 9, 2010

Is my life boring?

I can't seem to think of anything clever or informative to blog about. I am loving my life a LOT. Just got back from a great family reunion on my hubby's side. Camping (sort of, I actually drove the 1+hour back to the condo to sleep each night - worth every moment of extra driving!) and eating and visiting, etc. We got home Saturday night to hang out with my side of the family who were all up from California for Kira's little baby's blessing. (Sweet little Luke.) We had a great party, with more eating, visiting, etc. (I'm sensing a pattern here)
I lost another pound - always exciting.
Today was my first day at my job without my trainer - Ben - (Although I did call him 15 minutes in, I had a question.)
I am loving my new job.
Lots more fun parties this week - BUT they are leading up to a horrific event - Brooke, Ben and the babies moving to Missouri on Friday! We are keeping babygirl for a month, so she can start kindergarten here and then transfer to Missouri (she missed the cut-off there). Stacy says she is our little consolation prize.
Since, I may be sobbing all day on Friday, we've planned a fun 8 or 9 mile hike on Saturday, hopefully that will take my mind off the pain of missing the babies, and Brooke and Ben - and put the pain onto my feet, legs, hips, etc.

At the reunion, we had these great shirts - different colors for each generation - with the number you were on the back (For example, Shaun's has a number 3 on the back, he is the 3rd great grandchild born) Super Idea, I'm hoping to get some pics to post of all of us.