Saturday, October 24, 2009

Onward with the Educational Opportunities...

Stacy made an appointment for us to tour the Midway Fish Hatchery. We had taken our kids to a hatchery in California when they were little, so we thought we'd take the grandbabies. Babygirl got sick, so we only took The Boy:
It was pretty interesting to see the gazillions of eggs, barely hatched fish, teeny tiny fish and 2" fish up to about 8" fish. We learned how they stocked the lakes - by air and by truck. We took Doug and Tricia too - they are always good company.

15-20,000 barely hatched fish:The tanks for the teeny tiny fish:
Part of the big spillway-type things holding LOTS of little fish:It didn't take long and The Boy didn't fall in (thank goodness!). It was interesting and totally free. If you're interested, the number to call for an appointment is: (435) 654-0282.