Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend...

I love conference weekend. We have "The Conference Buffet" and this time we even had breakfast too. We made lots of yummy stuff for breakfast and more yummy stuff for the afternoon. We had fresh peaches and whipped cream for the waffles and there are more potatoes in the blue dish (you can NEVER have too many potatoes). For lunch we had things like egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, Thai peanut chicken, homemade chocolate chip cookies, etc.

We busted out the Legos, so people could be busy (and quiet) during conference, it worked really well, since we haven't had them out for years!

Here is Shane, giving little Natalie some of his yogurt. She loved it (until she barfed all over - but I guess she still loved it!)

I got all of my pictures scrapbooked during conference and at one point this afternoon, one of the speakers said something funny and I laughed and looked around to see why no one else was laughing and I noticed that everyone else was asleep! I guess it's good to be a little busy so you can stay awake.

We missed Jeff and Amanda, but we will be seeing them next week on the California Trip!

We've also been super busy putting together our fabulous IKEA purchases this weekend. I will post pics soon...