Monday, September 21, 2009

Tandem Adventures...

We've been on a few tandem bike rides - sorry, no pictures - it's hard to take a picture when you're both on the bike. We had a fun date night last week, riding up to the Riverwoods Mall near the mouth of Provo Canyon. We rode up and went to Border's Bookstore and got a couple of books, then browsed Williams-Sonoma - a totally fab store!
Tonight, we rode for Family Home Evening, (Shane was working, so there were only two of us) first, we went to mom's house, to see how she is recovering from her gall bladder surgery earlier this week. She had a houseful of family who were all checking on her too. Then, it was off to Brooke and Ben's house to see her darling children and way cool bedroom re-do! We then took off for Ice-Berg for dinner - hamburgers, fries and a hot fudge milkshake. We couldn't finish the shake, so I held on to it and we went to Albertson's, to give it to Shane or Doug.
Doug wasn't working, but Shane had a few bites, then we tossed it. It was a seriously huge shake and they called it their "mini" shake - HA! We rode over to Target, to replace our blinking red tail-light that had disappeared on a previous ride. Stacy thought he had his wallet, but we only had the change from our dinner and it wasn't quite enough to pay the tax on the light! We tried Shane, no answer. We called Brooke and asked her if we could borrow 50 cents, and could she bring it to Target. After she burst out laughing, she agreed. It was good she brought her wallet, since we ended up needing batteries too. We got the bike all fixed up and made it home in about 17 minutes - safely. It was a little chilly tonight (Yippee!), but with Stacy in the front as a wind break, I was only a little cold. It was a really great family night and one we will repeat again - only this time with a wallet and probably a jacket!