Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm back...

I'm back from a wonderful trip to lovely Layton, Utah! Quilt Festival 2009 was fabulous! I went to fun classes, laughed with fun friends and just generally had a great time. I learned more quilty stuff and got to hear from great speakers and spent all of the rest of my birthday money at the vendor's mall too! I was gone for 5 days and it went really fast, but I am super glad to be home too, especially since the KNOTT's retreat is at my house in a week or so!!! I now have lots of new projects to work on (not that I needed any more!).
The hotel room was a little wild with 4 quilters and all of our stuff in there:
It wasn't too bad, sharing a bathroom, some of us didn't need too much time to get ready in the morning - especially since Kathie is a "flush and run" kind of girl!

I learned how to make a "New York Beauty" block, it takes LOTS of pins:This is the result of all of those pins - mine is the lower right corner, (mind you, this took several hours!) I think instead of making a big quilt, I will make 3 more blocks and this will end up being a "table topper".

Here are my lovely purchases. (The block on the bottom is a sneak peek of Doug Bug's Christmas present)
I went out to see Amanda in Syracuse while I was there and it was so nice to see her in her cute home - she has a LAKE in her backyard! All in all a super great week! It's my third year and I am planning on going every year forever!