Monday, August 31, 2009

The Rest of the Story...

Various Sommers' Family Members, this was not everyone, as we had people coming and going all weekend:

The Sommers' Family Reunion was totally fabulous! Nearly everyone in the whole family was able to at least come by and most spent a night or two. Here are cute Jeremy and Amanda, who dropped by the first day and stayed awhile. Here are Brooke and Ben. Stacy was trying to get them to smile, when Uncle Danny walked by and pulled up his shirt, saying, "smile at this". Here are Shane and Aunt Denise:

Doug and Tricia brought this cool hammock that was lots of fun (well, Natalie didn't think too much of it):

Here we are, waiting for our turn on the water:There was canoeing, with plenty of splashing and of course, as mentioned, Uncle Danny's family fell in. There were also paddle boats, but the people who did that, had no oars to splash with (which wasn't allowed anyway, but I am a pretty "clumsy" rower, so some people got "accidentally" splashed with my oar):
Here are the newlyweds, ready to go on the challenge course:
Here's Doug, climbing the cargo net:
Here's Jessica, up on the top, on the bridge (the one that Stacy said made him feel like Donkey on Shrek, "Shrek, I'm lookin' down!")

Here's Jen, climbing onto the bridge:

I had no intention of going up there (pulling all of my body weight up like 50 feet!), but then my 70 year old Mother-in-law went up and my pride gave me no choice, I had to go up too!
I may be smiling, but it's not fun!
All in all, it was a wonderful trip, can't wait until next time!!!