Sunday, August 16, 2009

I thought I was going to get a good night's sleep...

Well, we babysat that cute boy this weekend while Brooke and Ben went to Colorado. He is awfully cute, but kind of sick, so he did not sleep well. I am definitely NOT used to the "no sleep" thing that I lived through for many years (many years ago). They came and collected him tonight, so Stacy and I were dreaming of a good night's sleep. Then, Shane, David, Becca, Tricia and Doug popped in and starting dragging 'band' equipment up from the basement:
Yes, that's Doug in my glasses so he could see the words to the song. The gloves are so funny, when he was really rockin' the song, he started flinging them off. It annoys the heck out of Shane, which makes it even funnier. Stacy did pretty good at singing "The Joker" and I sort of got the hang of the bass guitar. Neither one of us could do the drums at all, we kept getting booed off the stage. It's nearly 10:30 and I'm going back to try again...(No sleep tonight!)