Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Reunion Song...

Sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies"...

Let me tell a story, 'bout a family I know;
They have lots of kids and babies in tow.
After many years of saving family funds;
They got together for a family reunion...
(Games, Food, Fun, you know)
Uncle Jeff planned for all of the food;
Everyone was in a really good mood.
Tricia fried up all of the dough;
And then we all sat down and played BINGO...
(Prizes, for everyone)
Amanda came by, wearing a tank top;
Ranger came over and said you ought not.
Service project got us all dirtied up;
That didn't matter, we filled up the truck...
(Sticks, weeds, dirt)
We hiked to the lake and got in the boats;
Danny's family tipped, and that was no joke.
We're all waiting 'round to play family feud;
We're all just hopin' it won't get too crude...

Now granny, she's got a whole lotta kin;
The family's growin' fast;
Cuz everyone's marryin' in.
Don't miss out on the the next reunion;
And pay your dues to the family fund...
(Check, cash, credit card, all forms of payment accepted)

Stacy sang all of the parts in parenthesis in his "deep" voice and it was pretty much hilarious! Everyone's song was great! We just got back from the family reunion up at the church's Heber Valley Camp. Carolyn Sommers and her 7 children and their families!

(Here is Stacy, writing most of the song)