Monday, August 10, 2009

More Quilting...

I've been to the Springville Quilt Show at the Art Museum and it was very inspiring! Here are a few more quilts I've finished this summer:

Here is my "Round Robin Quilt" that we made in our bee - I made the center (flowers) and each month it got passed to another quilter in the group. 4 of my friends each put a border on it. I LOVE it and it will always have special memories for me. We had several groups going in our bee and all of the quilts turned out so great, I am amazed at the creativity of my friends! We had such fun seeing all 15 or so of the quilts each month as new borders were added.

I loved my round robin quilt so much, I decided to use some of my leftover blocks to make a mini quilt for the state guild fundraiser:

I also finished this darling pinwheel quilt for my dear friend, Samantha Smart, who is expecting her first baby this month! I got the pattern on I tweaked it a little - adding another row to make it square. I sent it off to California, I hope she enjoys it!I have another quilt on the table now, hope to get it quilted and finished this week!