Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm "IT" Again?

Well, my good bud, Holli, tagged me for some lists that I'm sure you will all find absolutely fascinating...

Favorite Shows...
1. Samantha Who? (Hilarious, in a guilty sort of way)
2. What not to Wear. (I know, I know, you'd never know it from the way I dress!)
3. Sara Conner Chronicles (Excellent and so violent, I have to close my eyes)
4. The Closer (The main character's name is Brenda!)

Favorite Restaurants...
1. Texas Roadhouse (I love a place where you can start eating the minute you walk in the door!)
2. Outback Steakhouse
3. Zuppas
4. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (does this count? They have fruit!

Things that Happened Yesterday...
1. Quilting
2. Visiting Teaching
3. Drove Doug to Work
4. Weighed myself!!! (Bad idea)

Things I love about Fall...
1. Cool weather (I think I'm entering into that "hot flash" phase!)
2. My birthday
3. The beautiful colors
4. The holidays are coming (which is sometimes better than when they are actually here!)

My wish list...
1. New front door with a window in it! (The only way I'm ever gonna get one is if someone vandalizes my current door beyond repair - hint hint!)
2. More babies (grandbabies, that is)
3. A jacuzzi (I'm getting old and my bones are aching!)
4. A 20 year-old, in-shape body (I can dream, can't I?)

Things I am looking forward to...
1. Snow
2. Doug and Tricia's wedding
3. Being empty nesters again someday
4. Serving a mission with my sweetie

I tag...
Megan M., Danielle D., Holly D., Margene T.