Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Haunting We Will Go...

Brooke and Amanda went with me to Gardner's Village in West Jordan on Friday. We wanted to go and see the witches that are there during the month of October and check out the fun shops. We snagged Amanda early from work and went. It was quite chilly and we realized that the babies would have benefited from blankets as well as their jackets, we will need to "stock the car" properly for the change in the weather. (Brrr) The kids were pretty scared of the witches, at least at first. The boy kept saying " 'cary', ' beeeg 'pider', etc. (scary, big spider)". Austin finally got so she would get a little closer and she even touched the one on the bench. In the picture, Shaun doesn't even realize there is a witch so close, his mom is shielding him.

(Foolish child - wait until Halloween!)