Friday, August 15, 2008

We've Been to the Fair!

Today, the girls (Brooke and Amanda) and I took the babies to the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork. After singing a little of the "Templeton" song from Charlotte's Web (The fair is such a smorgasboard, smorgasboard...) we hit the road. We borrowed one of my friend Megan's 5 (or 6 or 7) strollers - thanks, Megan, and headed down to SF. We joked we would be parking in a field and when we got there, it was true. Austin got a spray-on Tinkerbell Tattoo, Amanda got some stars. We went over to see some sheep taking a bath and Austin got to pet one. Shaun didn't want to get too close. We saw chickens, rabbits, big cows, horses and a couple of pigs. They were QUITE aromatic, Amanda was worried her snow cone was getting "contaminated" from the air in the big shed. We went to the midway and Brooke just couldn't walk by the people who were running the booths, "Every try wins a prize!", etc. She "picked a duck" and got Austin a tiara. She paid for darts and had Amanda (the expert) throw them to win another prize (Amanda was 4 for 4). She threw some wiffle ball for a big blow up zebra thing. The kids loved the rides, they rode a boat, a motorcycle (way too fast for the grown ups idea of safety), the Merry-go-Round - Amanda and Brooke rode with them to hold them on and after the snow cones and cotton candy, both girls felt like they were going to be sick and it lasted forever!!!
The last ride was the "Fun Slide", I wanted them to go on it, because it reminded me of the "sky slides" they used to have when I was a kid, burlap bags and everything! As they were hauling the kids up those skinny, rickety stairs, I was really glad I'd volunteered to take the pictures! After a couple of hours at the fair, we were all pretty sweaty and headed back to the car (Air conditioning - hooray!!) Well, now we can say, we've been to the fair.