Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Your Own Mess/ I Mean Pizza Night

Amanda had a fun idea to have a "Make your Own Pizza Night" for our Sunday dinner. We bought lots of fun toppings and I made some pizza dough (I know, pretty impressive). It was fun to create our own masterpieces - Shane made a huge Calzone, everyone else was jealous - although, after he ate it, he was so full he could hardly move! When Brooke and Ben got there, Brooke said she wished she had known, she would have called ahead and put in her order - they had to wait for space in the oven for their pizzas to cook. We made them on cookie sheets and just a word of warning if you think this sounds fun - don't let people "over top" their pizzas, my cookie sheets are STILL soaking to get the gunk off them! (BBQ sauce, cheese, cornmeal, etc.)

We all had places to be soon after dinner, I left first and I got home first and it was so messy, I just had to take a picture!!