Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Fun (?)

We decided to hike to Stewart Falls on Saturday. We told the babygirl we were going hiking, so that's all she talked about all day. We went in the evening, since we figured it would be cooler and we might luck out and enjoy a nice thunderstorm right in the mountains. (Instead of down here where we can only hear it and see it a little - no rain.) We took Amanda too, she loves to hike. It's only a 2 mile (each way) hike, so it was a good one to take for those of us who haven't been hiking in a LONG time. Right away, it became apparent that SOME of us were not in as good of shape as some others of us. Amanda has recently lost 50 pounds, I've gained a substantial amount of weight and Stacy has been slacking in going to the gym, so when Austin (32 pounds) was riding on Amanda's shoulders, that was about the right ratio to make it a fair hike/speed for all concerned. We enjoyed the thunder and some nice rain on the way back. (We also ran into my cousin, Nick DiPadova - which was totally random - but it was good to see him.) And yes, some of us are a little sore!!!