Sunday, June 15, 2008

More on Alaska

Okay, so I realize that in the rush to add the pics, I forgot to mention a few other details. We went with my parents, they loved it! My mom hung out in her giant room with the balcony door tied open, so as to experience as much of the Alaskan cold as possible. My dad brought his heating blanket. They were in a suite, so they got to go into the "Neptune Lounge" with their own concierge, special treats and desserts, etc. Our friends, Ken and Julie Thompson went too. They are lots of fun to cruise with and it is great to see them, since they still live in CA.
Stacy kept falling asleep in the afternoons, and we all ate plenty. He said he's like "a lion", just eating and sleeping all the time! Kayaking was a little scary, we figured if we fell in, we wouldn't have to worry about drowning, we'd die of hypothermia pretty quickly! Ziplining was kind of fun/scary. We were up at a ski resort in Juneau, so it was pretty chilly!!! I wore my brown velour pants, which flapped in the wind when I zipped, so Julie said I looked like a flying squirrel.
It rained the whole time in Ketchikan (my mom's favorite), but we were tooling around in a van and walking (with umbrellas) checking out the totems, so it was the best day to have rain.
It is nice to be home, we missed our family.