Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mini Family Reunion

Mom (Janet), Scotty Rae, Dianna and Aunt Dottie

Hope and Madison (Above) Richard and Debi (Below) Tammy and Cassidy(top) Kelsey and Mamal (below)

I just got back from North Carolina for a "mini family reunion". It was so wonderful to see my family (on my mom's side). I went with my mom and both of my sisters. We visited my mamal (grandmother for you non-southerners), my Uncle Richard, and my Aunt Dottie came up from Florida, and of course, their great kids and grandkids. It was so nice to see my cousin, Dianna, who I haven't seen for over 28 years! We had such a great time recalling the hilarious times of our youth together. Even though Dianna lived in upstate New York, we spent time at her house and when we were teenagers, my mom flew Dianna, Aunt Dottie and lots of other Aunts out to California for a month, to go to Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach and just hang out and have a blast. We all laughed so hard we cried.
A classic "Dianna" story: We were down at the boat my parents had in Marina Del Rey. Debi, Heidi, our cousin Mark, and Dianna were paddling around the marina in the rubber dingey that usually hung off the back of the boat. Somehow, they got to laughing so hard, Dianna wet her pants. All the other kids squeezed over to the other side of the dingey, to get away from it, but their combined weight, made it lower on their side, so the pee came rolling toward them on the bottom of the boat. They promptly abandoned ship and jumped over the side, into the questionable waters of the marina!