Friday, March 17, 2017

Back in the Saddle

We are back from our two week trip to Florida and on a cruise for our 36th anniversary!
 We had a great time, although I was getting over a little cold when we left and I ended up with laryngitis for the first 3-4 days of the cruise!!! This presented a problem when we were having dinner with our table mates! The first night, we all smile at each other and one gentleman says, "Hi, I'm Mike, this is Ann" the other couple chimes in with their names, and then from our side of the table, DEAD SILENCE! Finally Mike turns to us and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't get your names" - ack! Mr. Handsome said later that he was waiting for a break in the conversation to introduce us, that man is a "slow talker", there was plenty of time! It was very hard for me to let him carry the conversation for both of us, as I am very chatty! (Several men, when they learned I had laryngitis, said he was "lucky" - HA) We had a great time, swimming, tubing, and just relaxing. We also got to visit our wonderful "Florida kids" and grandchildren. 

 This star quilt is a project I will be working on, hopefully sometime soonish...(That sounds VERY uncommitted, doesn't it?) We had a block exchange in one of my bees and we did different sized stars in Civil War colors, It's going to be a challenge to put together for sure! I even took a class on it at Quilt Fest last September, to get ideas for putting together different sized blocks - we'll see...
 Here is another class I took, from the wonderful, entertaining and talented Melissa Corry! It's an Irish Chain and I used a jelly roll and some fun newsprint for the back ground. I am also hand quilting it in a "big stitch" with Perle cotton - another class I took, lots of fun! It has a minky back, so it is a bit of a challenge to get that needle through! Hoping to finish it this summer for a daughter's birthday.
 This little table topper is from another block exchange, we did 6" "Fall Blocks" and I needed a Thanksgiving topper, so this fits the bill perfectly!

Here is a scrappy around the world I finished, I actually made three of them with scraps, I'd been making blocks for a LONG TIME, I finally made 3 throw sized quilts and gave them all away.

This is the latest, on the design wall, super cute, it's called a "Charm Pack Mashup", made with lots of charm squares - and I certainly have a boatload of those! I am doing it with a dark background, which I will either love or hate, it has LOTS of bitty pieces and is turning out quite tricky to put together, since the stars kind of interlock. I may enter it in a quilt show, but we'll see if my ego can take it - I am NOT a very precise quilter (I prefer quantity over quality, unfortunately) so I cringe when I read the "critiques" of my quilts when I enter them in a show...
Here is another Farm Girl Vintage 6" block to end with - happy quilting!!!