Sunday, February 26, 2017

Crazy, Beautiful Life

     I have had quilt tops piling up a bit and decided to give each of my sister in laws a quilt for their birthday this year.  How hard could it be? I asked myself. I started early and gave my November SIL hers and patted myself on the back for having such a good idea, etc. WELL, I should have realized by pretty much ALL of the rest of the birthdays are before July 3! And there are 7 of them, counting my wonderful Mother-in-Law! Yikes, it's a little hectic around here. Add in that I was finishing a quilt for  my son's birthday in March and doing one for my granddaughter's baptism in May, and two nieces expecting beautiful babies - well, you get the picture!  I travel quite a bit in the spring, visiting my children and their families who live from coast to coast and in between too!  Good thing I work well with deadlines!

    Am loving my new "Little Red" Bernina that I can easily use upstairs, while hanging out with Mr. Handsome, it is helping meet my fun deadlines. I got this wild quilt done this weekend, ready for delivery tonight before we head out of town for an exciting little trip.  
     I am also working on a "Farm Girl Vintage" (Lori Holt) quilt with some friends and we met this past week and I worked on a few blocks. We are doing the 6" size - they are adorable, too bad we need like 59,000 to make a quilt since they are so small and cute!

I got a fun, new cook book "The Pioneer Woman" "Dinnertime" and we made these Hawaiian burgers last week and they were to die for!!!!

 And, last, but not least, I got an "old lady" pillowcase!  I LOVE it. I have curly hair, which is losing some (okay a LOT) of it's thickness and loveliness, I was tired of waking up with frizzy/straight hair, so I ordered this baby up on Amazon (I LOVE Amazon, but that is a post for another day) for $8 and now when I wake up in the morning, I don't despair quite as much. It's supposedly good for wrinkles too, but since I'm on the chubby side, wrinkles aren't coming on too quickly, so I don't worry too much.
Hope you're having a great, quilty life!