Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quilting Along

I went to a three day quilting retreat last week with my bee and it was lots of fun! Of course I don't have any pictures, but take my word for it, it was fabulous! Fabulous food, friends and fun!  Here is a little corner of my studio with a pile of quilts I'm working on and a few I need to quilt:
 Here are some more cute pics from our Florida trip - and some cute people from Florida:

 We went to Disney World - our first time, we went to Epcot, a beautiful, not too hot day for it:

 We are off to St. George next week for a day to do a walk through of a house we are building down there, it is exciting, even though we are just going to rent it out for awhile, it may be our retirement home in a few years. I've always been afraid to build a new house, too many decisions. There are so many decisions when we do all of our remodeling, I thought I wouldn't be able to take all of the choices for a WHOLE HOUSE! (I also thought maybe my marriage couldn't take it!). I think now, it would be fun to build a house to live in now.  I shared this new attitude with my son, Shane, and he said, "Mom, it's taken you 50 years to figure this out? You didn't need to live through all these remodels and live in the ghetto!" That boy is funny.

Off to quilt today as I have realized that my next sister-in-law birthday is TUESDAY! Yikes!