Saturday, November 16, 2013

Moving Along

So, I've been working on this quilt for my newest little granddaughter and after some fighting with the tension on my quilting machine, I got it finished today! I did have to vacuum up copious amounts of picked out threads, but it looks great! (Or as great as it gets with my meandering quilting, with a word thrown in here and there). Ready to bind.

I have also been working on this Christmas Quilt for a family member and I had it on the design wall and was vacuuming near it and the vacuum caused a breeze which blew off a couple of blocks and they got SUCKED up in the vacuum! We had just gotten our old vacuum serviced and I can certify it's got the suction restored for sure!

So I fished them out of the bottom, ironed them and starched them and am currently ignoring the slight dirtiness that got on them.  Today I finally finished sewing the rows together:

Super simple pattern, just took 3 sets of charm packs, then I cut white on white fabric into 5 inch squares, then made half square triangles out of them, and sewed them together like so - ta-da - an argyle looking Christmas quilt is coming soon.

I saw this on Facebook the other day and I feel like these could be my New Years' Resolutions (If I ever actually made any)

I would have to add sewing to the list, of course, but other than that, it looks pretty darn good.