Sunday, November 24, 2013

Modern Girl

     We are headed to a family reunion for Thanksgiving this week and I volunteered a quilt top to be 'tied' (I know, perish the thought) and given away during the reunion. So, I need to piece the back (exact size - gack!) and scare up some batting that won't be terribly hard to pull the ties through, which I probably will also need to piece together, etc.
     BUT, the other day, after getting back from visiting a friend who is having her 5th baby as we speak, I decided to whip her up a little quick quilt for her new little guy. I came home and got it done after some head-scratching math, that still was off somehow. I made this from a  12" block pattern in my block book. The block finished 12", so I multiplied the pieces by 300% to make it approximately 36".  It is 39" and I had to do some fancy trimming to get it put together. I know those of you who actually took (and passed) geometry in school are laughing at me right now, but such is my life.
The beauty of it is the back doesn't need to be pieced! So I can get it quilted up quickly. By the way, this is a "Modern Quilt", I know this because at my last quilt retreat, I took a little lecture on modern quilting and one of the things that make quilts "modern" is blowing up a block like this. That said, in the class, we talked about how modern quilting is just a little bit different take on the same (wonderful) old quilting that has been around for centuries.
     So, yesterday, I headed back down to the studio (ostensibly to work on the backing/batting issue for the reunion) and I started a whole new quilt! It's going to be really cute, but I don't quite know how it jumped in front of my other projects that have a deadline…
     While I was downstairs quilting it up, Mr. Handsome was putting up the Christmas lights!!
He is so funny, he only likes to put them up if he can do it differently each year. As you can tell by our house shape, it's kind of hard to get creative, but he manages, last year there were giant X's on our roof. The nice thing about this year is I can see my own Christmas lights looking out my own windows, I don't have to cross the street to see them.