Monday, October 14, 2013

Next Big Project

Okay, here is my next "big" project that I've started - but it's sort of cheating, as it is a Block of the Month, so I just have to pick up my sweet batik fabrics (in blues), and build it little by little each month. (Speaking of which, I pick up my 2nd pack in two days and I haven't done my first pack!!)

Quilt Festival was fabulous! My classes were lots of fun and I learned about designing quilts (I will master EQ 7!), a new paper-piecing method, scrap storage and usage, a little needle-turned applique and I felt like the star in the "Organizing your Quilt Space" class, because the teacher came and took photos of my very own, beautiful, remodeled studio for her slide presentation.  She saved it for last and when she showed it, people actually gave a little gasp, because it is so gorgeous. Lots of people came up and said how pretty it was after class, (I felt so popular). I enjoyed the yummy lunches, my wonderful quilting friends, etc.
Since it was not too far from home, Mr. Handsome came up a couple of times to visit, once with some of the sweet grandbabies for a little swim.
AND, so excited, my car comes tomorrow night!!!!! So, my plan is to get lots of quilting done tomorrow, since I will probably be tooling around all creation after that!