Friday, September 6, 2013

The Big 5-0

  So, I have been remiss about blogging (obviously). BUT, I am now officially "retired" - when I say retired, it makes it look like I was at the same job for 30 years instead of 3...  First day off, two calls from the office, second day, 3 calls and an email, third day 1 email - excellent!!!
    Had a FABULOUS birthday yesterday, quilting, yummy lunch, more quilting, volleyball and a nice soak in the jacuzzi.  Visiting with family and friends, all in all a wonderful day! My son, Jeff cracked me up, he left me a message "Happy Birthday Mom, 50, you're half way there" - Hahaha, funny family! 
    Our family was blessed with grandchild #8, Holland Danielle, the 4th baby of Brooke and Ben.  We are going to see her later this month! 
    I only have one picture to post, of the quilt in progress I posted last time, a close up of my favorite block - it's all quilted, bound and given to my sweet neighbor in Hurricane.  I need to get my phone pics uploaded to my computer, then I will have a plethora of photos to share - stay posted.