Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dust

     I have a favorite cereal I pretty much eat every morning, "Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds". I buy it at Costco, where it comes in a big box with two bags inside. It is inconvenient to pour from the bags, so I have a nifty Tupperware-type plastic container I dump the bags into and pour into my bowl from there. The problem is, when it's nearly gone, it's just "the dust" at the bottom, which I do not like, I like my flakes nice and big.  So - I just dump in another bag when it gets like that. The problem is, that now that I've done this multiple times  I swear, half the container is now "the dust".  I just want to throw it away, but Mr. Handsome (who, incidentally doesn't eat carbs and hasn't for MONTHS) has forbidden me, saying he will eat it, just save it! Yes, he is sort of a penny pincher in odd ways.  So - I keep wondering, would he even notice? Is it worth an argument? Should I do it on trash day, like I used to toss the kids papers, hoping they wouldn't notice that I did not keep every precious word they'd written?  We'll see...
     My "old car" is officially sold and gone. So we are a one car family for 3 weeks or so, until the "Mini-Quilter" arrives.  That is the same time frame that I should be done working!!!!! And it's also my birthday!!!!  Yay! 
     On the quilting front, I have added a couple more fabulous IKEA pieces to the studio and they are working out great! (I love IKEA). I will post pictures soon, but for now, down to enjoy them! Happy Quilting to you too!