Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quilting and Life

     I finally finished my Eye-fooler quilt, after three long years of working on it on and off. I think it looks amazing! BUT, if you look at it up close, there are many, many imperfections - points cut off (my nemesis), corners not quite matching up, etc. 

     That is my life in a nutshell - every day I make mistakes, today for example - it's not even noon and I've already done something I regret. I was riding my bike this morning and a dog (note - I am not a dog lover) came running after me, barking like a fool, I was scared! The owner came out of her house after I'd passed it (riding like a madwoman, wondering, rather desperately if could I out-pedal a medium sized dog) She called the dog back and I was safe, but I meanly yelled back "There is a leash law!". I did not need to do that, she was probably already worried/embarrassed enough about her dog.
That is pretty much how it goes around here!
     BUT, I look at the whole of my life - my amazing, handsome husband who still loves me madly after 32 years of marriage, my wonderful, beautiful children (including the in-law kids), and of course my stupendous grand children that give me joy each day. I have my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ which gives my life great meaning and I could go on and on, as I'm sure each of you could about your own blessings in your own lives.
     I am learning and getting better at quilting - when I first started, I would be quilting a quilt and notice that some of my seams weren't quite closed, that doesn't happen any more, I guess it's true practice makes perfect (eventually, I hope). My life is like that too, I don't judge myself or others as harshly as I used to when I was younger, I see things more clearly now as my experience and faith grow. I watch the people in my life and my gratitude and amazement are increased as I see the wonder and beauty that is in this world and my experience in it.
     Well, those are my deep thoughts for today, hope you have a great one and if not, as I like to remind myself when those bad days come (as they do for ALL of us), they don't last forever! Happy Quilting!