Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Time

It's December and that means lots of fun and lots of busy!  It's trying to snow around here, which would be very beautiful, but it's a bit chilly!  I am still dreaming of a fireplace, but this is what I make due with around here - it's Netflix.  Funny, when I lived in California, we always one, if not two fireplaces in our homes, but here where it really is cold, none!

I finished my sewing machine cover (no, it's not a tea cozy), I sewed up some jelly roll strips (Thanks - Steve & Jen), quilted it up and sewed up a quick cover to keep the dust out.  I love the bright colors and it will match my new color scheme come next month!
We do finally have our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree up, yes it's on a table, we just keep getting smaller ones each year. There are no gifts under it because we have too many toddlers around here for them to be safe.

I do so enjoy looking at other's amazing blogs with their fantastic Christmas decorations and trees, but I am basically pretty lazy when it comes to all the fuss, but I love it when I don't have to do it!  Toodles!  -Brenda