Monday, November 26, 2012


     So I went to the mall the other day (something I don't do very often) to buy some new clothes. My lovely sister gave me a birthday gift card for a department store, so off I went (2 months later). Well, it was kind of a challenge!  It seemed like nearly every thing was neon colors (think 1983) or polyester pantsuit type stuff (think great-grandmother) - where was the "in-between" stuff??? I realize I am a grandmother and I KNOW I am no teenager, but aren't there others like me? Lots of others like me? I circled the store more than once and was able to find some cute things (2 shirts and some new soft Christmas jammies), but I was sad about the selection for the most part.  I guess that's why I wash nearly all of my clothes in cold water and hang them up - it is hard to replace the things I like! I realize I am no fashion plate and sadly, I have been wearing the same shirts for years! They are my first pick when I open my closet and they are clean.
     And then, there is the make up - I have pretty much worn make up nearly every day since I was 16 or so. But, I am tired of it! It's not like I am trying to pick up some hot guy (I've got one), and it's not like it makes me look fantastic - better, yes, but not fantastically gorgeous or anything.  I still wear it sometimes, but not every day.  So, if you see a nearly 50 year old woman schlepping around in old t-shirts and no make up - it's probably me.